Electronic Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing- Job work and Sourcing

We give preference and priority to those jobs where sourcing activity is involved. We have two separate activities; the first is "JOB WORK", where we get material from the customer; and the second is "SOURCING TYPE BUSINESS" where the customer provides the Bill of Material (BOM) along with all technical specifications and preferred makes. After getting the data we verify the BOM along with the sample, and then we register the same in our ERP system. Our Purchase Department uses the System Generated BOM and floats the enquiries to our approved suppliers.

Our goal is to provide the most cost-effective solutions for contract manufacturing. With a deep commitment to customer service and supply chain inventory management systems, we are able to provide an immediate response to your most challenging PCB assembly requirements.

Accel Transmatic Ltd provides complete PCB assembling manufacturing solutions including sourcing of all components, plastic & metal housing, print & packaging material.

Our quality control standards are a priority in serving the needs of our customers because manufacturing & inspection processes are created to assure quality assembly work. Our adherence to strict quality control standards and investment in high-tech and high quality production and assembly equipment have attracted and retained priority customers who have established extremely rigid product quality standards.

Special Highlights

Value Engineering: We suggest alternates for cost saving or for better performance. Conversion :-We help our customers in converting conventional through-hole jobs into SMD. We give an alternate SMD Component for the replacement of Through Hole (Leaded) component, which can give price reduction coupled with more reliability for better results.

Import: We have a strong base of import purchase and our team is familiar with import transactions. We have direct dealings with well known brands.

Bare PCB Support: We have an ongoing relationship with PCB manufacturers and source on priority at very competitive rates.

Cost Benefit: We are very transparent with our customers. We pass on all price benefits to our customers & in many cases customers have given us positive feedback, that they have saved approximately 5% to 7.5% amount by outsourcing the job to ATL

Box Build

We offer comprehensive product manufacturing solutions for all applications with Box Building. We undertake all types of Box Building Jobs & support our customers for post PCB Assembly operations, line programming, Testing, Calibration, etc. Some of our customers require us to ship the deliveries to their dealer network, and in such cases we take due care in maintaining the standard packing procedure as required by the customer for finished goods to be directly sold to dealers.

New Product Development

ATL also engage in contract manufacturing. We do not have our own product. We support our customers for new product development with total confidentiality. There are three different types of developments:

Development in existing jobs

This is a type of value engineering or pattern engineering related activity. During production we observe some points which impact the productivity. We share the same with the customer and request him to allow us to go for DFM i.e. design for manufacture. In some cases we need to change the pattern of design, tracking of the board, panelising etc, which we are carry out after taking an approval from the customer. Also, we take the initiative to convert the through-hole design in to SMT for compactness and better stability.

Development on the basis of Gerber Data

In this case we use our own sources and develop Gerber designs suitable for regular production on automated set-up. The customer gives us the basic Gerber which we modify as per our requirement, by considering the proper panelization, location & padding of SMD & Leaded components, sliding strips for conveyorised movement, etc.

Development on the basis of inputs

We support our customers from start-to-end for solutions based on input data. After receiving the circuit diagram, component list & mechanical fitment specifications, we start the Gerber development. Initially we take a pilot batch of 5 for Proto Typing and after necessary approvals we convert the product to regular production.

Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions

We provide turnkey manufacturing solutions to customers in a range of electronics equipment markets. With global operations, a broad product offering and a complete range of turnkey services, our company is the ideal choice for an OEM seeking customized product solutions from a focused and agile EMS partner.

Our goal is to add value to our customers business with technology-based products and strong support services, from a manufacturing base in Chennai and Trivandrum We can supply all the components and sub-assemblies you need, including :

  • Sourcing of Active & Passive electronic components
  • Electromechanical assemblies
  • Die cast parts
  • Wire harness and interconnections
  • Plastics and injection molded parts
  • Sheet metal and formed parts
  • Assembly, packaging and labeling

We provide prototyping support to our customers on a regular basis. The minimum pilot batch size requirement is 5 nos. to 25 nos. depending upon the density of the components. If the population is normal and the components are common having a low budget then we request the customer to go for a 25 nos. pilot batch but in case of densely populated boards, we always support our customers as per their requirement.

Regarding any new enquiry for prototyping, we assign the job to our Chennai plant. A special team is also trained to handle prototype batches.

Design And Development

IPR Protection of Customers

We have high regard for protection of the intellectual property rights of our clients. We ensure protection in accordance with international and national norms / practices. We have handled more than 100 customers from our plants and we are strictly following the norms. We sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with our customers & we always take care of our customers property (Jigs, Programs etc) with due diligence.

Embedded Product Design

ATL team has professional experience in the design of embedded systems and products for defence communication,acoustics,power electronics,biomedical industries.Drawing from the vast experience of our team, we follow a Design Cycle that is sure to deliver the first time with the following distinctive phases:

  • Capturing the product requirement specifications
  • Drawing up module-specifications from the product requirement specification
  • System level and subsystem level simulations
  • Determining production margins
  • Design for reliability and standards compliance

Test plans to ensure full compliance of the final product with high confidence level.

PCB Design, Development And Research

As a part of our philosophy to serve our customers in totality, while doing mass manufacturing for them, our value addition team is always alert to the need of our customers. Our success in design is attributed to the periodical visits made by our R&D Engineers to our customers, to gain valuable insight into their needs and requirements. Developing new successfully marketable products with the latest technology is the main aim of our organization. Our Research & Development team is committed to a constant review of our manufacturing process in order to achieve optimized output.

Turnkey Project Management

We offer complete integration services to defence, aerospace, telecom ,homeland security,media customers with solutions based on COTS technologies. We offer the right hardware, systems and application software and networking and technical support to meet high standards of functional performance and environment qualification requirements.

With configurations chosen out of COTS technology, from chassis to various subsystems our customers reduce the risk of dealing with many suppliers. Our integrated systems are of high quality, are cost effective and delivered on time, thereby enhancing the overall productivity of projects as customers can focus on their applications with ease and confidence.

Main Activities
  • System Configuration
  • Hardware and Software Integration
  • Performance Improvement and Validation
  • Environment Qualification
  • Documentation
  • Technical Support
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)